We approach litigation as a strategic step or recourse to achieve a client’s objectives and litigation practice is not a separate department at Sai & Mehta. Indeed, we believe firmly that dispute resolution should be an integral part of the skill set of every lawyer at Sai & Mehta. All members have some minimum litigation background and exposure. Apart from conducting litigation to achieve commercial objectives whether as Plaintiff or Defendant, we also provide effective legal representation in cases involving criminal investigations and associated actions brought by law enforcement and regulatory agencies.

Litigation members of Sai & Mehta have long standing in the Courts, and successfully argued cases as counsel on behalf of significant Indian and Foreign corporations, individuals, associations and other legal entities of vast variety in the Supreme Court, High Courts, The Office of Registrar of Trademark, The Patent Office, Intellectual property Appellate Board, BIFR, AAIFR, Customs Excise and Service Tax Appellate Tribunal (CESTAT), National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (NCDRC), and in Arbitrations including International Commercial Arbitrations.

Members of our firm have vast experience in Drafting, Settling and Filing Of lawsuits, Pleadings, Complaints, oppositions, Rectifications & Cancellations, Appeals, Statements, Defenses, Replies, Counterstatements, Rejoinders, Applications And Petitions, Motions And Processes, Evidences, Making Written And Oral Submissions And Arguments; Advising in Respect of Such Proceedings; Issuing Legal Notices and Issuing Legal Opinions.

Area of litigation in which our firm provide legal representation are:

  • Civil Litigation – We deal with all kinds of civil matters. Matters related to property law, family law, Consumer law etc.
  • Criminal Litigation - Matters related to all areas in criminal law are dealt with by us.
  • Corporate Litigation – We handle all matters related to corporate law. We handle all issues in corporate law from issues related to mergers and acquisition, shareholders dispute etc.
  • IPR Litigation – We handle all kind of litigation issues related to trademarks, patents, copyrights, designs matters, from counterfeiting and piracy to injunctions for passing-off and infringements etc.